Platform Credits

Choose the transactional credit model and tier most beneficial to your business and start saving today.

Platform Credits

Platform Credits

Many CloudSaver applications are invoiced per transaction. With Tag Manager for example, whenever you perform a tagging activity, your account is charged for the tagging transaction and displays in real time how many credits/debits are carried in your account.

Pricing Discounts

Receive the highest discounts on your transactional credits by pre-purchasing. The more prepaid credits you purchase, the higher your discount. Enjoy lower unit pricing when you purchase in bulk. Savings of up to 80% off the standard price are available. Credits do not expire.

Post-Use Invoicing

For smooth and hassle-free transactions, opt for post-use invoicing. Simply use the CloudSaver platform and receive an invoice at the end of each month for the transactions you’ve made that month. No balances to carry, no pre-purchasing necessary.

Pricing & Purchasing

To purchase platform credits or to see the platform credit pricing discounts, click here.

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