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Tag Manager

Everything you need to Clean up your Cloud

Clean Up Your Cloud


billed at $4,800/yr
Included Features:

  • Connect to one cloud provider
  • Real-time cloud provider sync
  • Customizable dashboards
  • TagExplorerTM Query Engine
  • Bulk tag processing
  • Tag Intelligence
  • 1,000 Platform Credits
Coming Soon


billed at $12,000/yr
Included Features:

  • All Standard features
  • Full Multi-Cloud Support
  • Virtual Tag Policies
  • Tag Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Self-Service Tag Compliance Remediation
  • Execution Scheduling
  • 5,000 Platform Credits
Coming Soon


billed at $24,000/yr
Included Features:

  • All Professional features
  • Tag Automation
  • Tag Variant Group Management
  • Integrated Log Research
  • Drift management
  • AMI conflict management
  • 50,000 Platform Credits

AWS Cost Visibility

with Invoice Explorer

Starts at










Included Features:

  • Customizable Invoice Templates
  • Invoice Variance Analysis
  • Detailed Cost Trackers
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-Time Spending Alerts
  • Extensive Cost Reporting

Tag Management Services

Clean up your Cloud and optimize your cloud proficiency with CloudSaver’s tag management services.


Tag Assessment & Roadmap
one-time cost
Tag Management Service Hours - 40
per 40 hours
Tag Management Service Hours - 100
per 100 hours
Tag Management Service Hours - 200
per 200 hours
Tag Management as a Services
min 1 day/month

FinOps Advisory Services

Access consulting expertise for transitioning to FinOps, or for enhancement of your existing FinOps practice, with CloudSaver’s advisory services.


FinOps Maturity Review
one-time cost
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 100
per 100 hours
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 200
per 200 hours
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 300
per 300 hours

AWS Cost Optimization

Rein in your clouds spend and improve your cloud ROI with CloudSaver’s AWS Cost Optimization services.


AWS Savings Assessment
AWS Cost Optimization - Rapid Response
Contact Sales
AWS Cost Management as a Service
Contact Sales

Platform Credits

for use with Tag Manager and other CloudSaver applications. For more information on Platform Credits, click here.

5,000 Platform Credits
25,000 Platform Credits
Save 20%
100,000 Platform Credits
Save 40%
250,000 Platform Credits
Save 60%
1,000,000 Platform Credits
Save 80%

Platform Credits can be purchased while logged in to the CloudSaver Platform. Click here to login.