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Tag Manager

Everything you need to Clean up your Cloud

Clean Up Your Cloud


billed at $24,000/yr
Included Features:

  • Full Multi-Cloud Support
  • Real-time cloud provider sync
  • Tag Automation
  • Tag Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Bulk tag processing
  • Customizable dashboards
  • TagExplorerTM Query Engine
  • Tag Intelligence
Coming Soon


billed at $12,000/yr
Included Features:

  • All Standard features
  • Full Multi-Cloud Support
  • Virtual Tag Policies
  • Tag Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Self-Service Tag Compliance Remediation
  • Execution Scheduling
  • 5,000 Platform Credits
Coming Soon


billed at $24,000/yr
Included Features:

  • All Professional features
  • Tag Automation
  • Tag Variant Group Management
  • Integrated Log Research
  • Drift management
  • AMI conflict management
  • 50,000 Platform Credits

Tag Management Services

Clean up your Cloud and optimize your cloud proficiency with CloudSaver’s tag management services.


Tag Assessment & Roadmap
one-time cost
Tag Management Service Hours - 40
per 40 hours
Tag Management Service Hours - 100
per 100 hours
Tag Management Service Hours - 200
per 200 hours
Tag Management as a Services
min 1 day/month

FinOps Advisory Services

Access consulting expertise for transitioning to FinOps, or for enhancement of your existing FinOps practice, with CloudSaver’s advisory services.


FinOps Maturity Review
one-time cost
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 100
per 100 hours
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 200
per 200 hours
FinOps Advisory Services Hours - 300
per 300 hours

AWS Cost Optimization

Rein in your clouds spend and improve your cloud ROI with CloudSaver’s AWS Cost Optimization services.


AWS Savings Assessment
Contact Sales
AWS Cost Optimization - Rapid Response
Contact Sales
AWS Cost Management as a Service
Contact Sales

Platform Credits

for use with Tag Manager and other CloudSaver applications. For more information on Platform Credits, click here.

5,000 Platform Credits
25,000 Platform Credits
Save 20%
100,000 Platform Credits
Save 40%
250,000 Platform Credits
Save 60%
1,000,000 Platform Credits
Save 80%

Platform Credits can be purchased while logged in to the CloudSaver Platform. Click here to login.