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Harness the Synergy of COSMIC™, Patented Tagging, and FinOps FOCUS™

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Cloudsaver’s Core Technology: A Trifecta Powering Cloud FinOp’s Excellence

The Cloudsaver Platform is a powerful suite of tools that work together seamlessly, forming the fabric that fosters extraordinary performance. This synergy is built on a trifecta of core technologies that power the platform, providing unparalleled cloud asset management, cost allocation, and resource visibility, setting new standards for cloud financial operations.

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Cloudsaver COSMIC™

Cloud Open Standard for Metadata and Integrated Connection, (COSMIC) is a vendor-neutral, open-source specification developed by Cloudsaver. It unifies cloud connection methods and normalizes resource metadata across all major cloud service providers, offering distinct benefits:

  • Real-time Cloud Asset Management: Real-time monitoring and management of cloud assets, ensuring an up-to-date view of your resources.
  • Enhanced visibility for informed decision-making: Comprehensive visibility into cloud resources, facilitating better, more informed decisions.
  • Streamlined connection and deployment: Choose from SaaS deployment or self-hosting deployment for complete control and security, or leverage Platfrom APIs.

Cloudsaver’s Patented Tagging Technology

Cloudsaver’s patented tagging technology provides real-time, native resource visibility and tagging of resource metadata. Users benefit significantly from this technology:

Patented, Real-time, Native Tagging

Facilitates speedy resource tagging in the native environments, with tags inherent to the resources persisting across different applications.

Improved resource management and accountability

Enhances the ability to manage and track resources, ensuring optimal utilization and accountability.

Ability to automatically tag past and future invoice costs.

Streamlines the process of cost tagging and allocation, making financial management more efficient.


FinOps Focus™

FinOps FOCUS™ (FinOps Cost and Usage Specification) is an open standard driven by the FinOps Foundation. It aims to normalize cost and usage data across various cloud providers and vendors, fostering consistency and reliability in financial reporting. Within the Cloudsaver Platform it enhances financial management capabilities:

  • Consistent and accurate financial reporting: Standardized data enables reliable financial reports, providing a clear picture of cloud expenditures.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities: Facilitates more informed financial management decisions by providing accurate and comparable data.

Cloudsaver Trifecta

This powerful trifecta enables several key features that redefine cloud financial management:

100% Cost Allocation

Ensures precise and complete cost allocation, providing clear financial accountability.

Showback Reconciliation

Daily automated showback allows immediate cost reconciliation, ensuring up-to-date financial reporting.

Automated tagging of costs and resources

Facilitates efficient and accurate cost tagging, greatly simplifying complex financial processes.


Not Just a Tool

The Cloudsaver Platform, powered by COSMIC™, patented tagging technology, and FinOps FOCUS™, represents a significant advancement in cloud financial management. Embrace the future of cloud financial management with Cloudsaver and experience the unparalleled benefits of this innovative platform.  

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