Cloud Migration Services

Migrating to the cloud comes with a long to-do list and compliance factors to manage. Let Cloudsaver help you shoulder the responsibility of AWS MAP contract compliance.

AWS MAP Compliance:

MAP contracts can be complex, and compliance can be elusive. Be fully informed and let Cloudsaver delve into your MAP contract and provide the reports and metrics of your current state of compliance.

AWS MAP Compliance:

Close the gap between your AWS MAP contract requirements and compliance. Let our expert team establish the connections and manage resource tags to get you in MAP contract compliance.

AWS MAP Compliance:
Managed Services

Secure the on-going assistance you need. Our team of experts will review your contract, ensure connections, remediate tag issues, and continually monitor your cloud environment for MAP contract compliance.

“No one cares about tags until you have to pay the bill. Because of the way AWS does their MAP billing, you have to wait to get notice of whether or not you got a credit. [Cloudsaver] gives us ease that we can say ‘hey, we’re good.’”

ATN International, Head of Server Infrastructure

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