Cloud Cost Management Services

Cloudsaver will partner with you to understand your multi-cloud cost structure, identify optimization opportunities, including FinOps practices, and implement cost-saving and risk-reducing optimizations.

Strategic Cloud Cost Review


Receive a detailed report of resource usage, costs, and risks across multi-cloud environments, along with recommendations to improve productivity and reduce cloud financial risk.

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Cloud Cost Remediation


Leverage Cloudsaver’s expertise to implement cost-saving optimizations on a consistent, scheduled basis.

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Cloud Cost Monitoring & Alerting


Cloudsaver will be your sentry to provide timely notifications and alerts when anomalies or issues occur so you can react quickly.

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Cloud Cost Managed Services


Cloudsaver does the heavy lifting and presents you with specific actionable opportunities. You retain complete control and visibility.

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Cloud Vendor Purchasing


Cloudsaver will help you assess vendors, participate in negotiations and help ensure you get the right fit.

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