Strategic Cloud Analysis

​Your strategic cloud analysis begins when you securely connect your AWS environment to CloudSaver’s platform. Our team makes it easy for you by providing guidance throughout the connection process.

Your environmental, operational, and billing data is extensively analyzed by our team of experts to identify cost-saving opportunities. Rightsizing resources, cost-effective storage, autoscaling, deleting unused EC2 instances, and orphaned volumes are a few of the many cost-optimization strategies that are reviewed. Our proprietary tools are especially adept at efficiently and accurately identifying all resources that are ripe for cost-saving measures.

The analysis is performed while maintaining your security, stability, or performance. At no time do we have access to your internal or customer data.

The analysis findings will be presented to you for review. At all times you will be in control, deciding which identified savings opportunities will be implemented, if any, and whether you execute the changes or enlist CloudSaver to make the changes for you.

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