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Tagging and Security


According to Flexera, security is one of the top three challenges for organizations that compute in the cloud. However, many organizations do not realize how critically important resource tags are to their security. Excellent tag management strengthens cloud security. Without healthy tag hygiene, gaps in security create opportunities for security breaches.  

Security Maturity 

A mature tag environment successfully addresses the four core tagging challenges.  

  • Tag Coverage – tag every resource 
  • Tag Compliance – separately tag every distinct attribute of a resource 
  • Tag Completeness – tag each subcomponent of a resource. EC2s have up to 19 subcomponents 
  • Tag Clarity – eliminate duplicate or misspelled tag keys. 

A strong commitment is required to achieve this level of maturity, coupled with robust tagging policies. Equally important is the utilization of software that can execute and enforce the policies. CloudSaver’s Tag Manager address your tag challenges with its powerful features including a robust query engine for granular searches, batch processing to speed up tagging and remediation of incorrectly tagged resources, actionable dashboards and reporting, and real time synchronization.  Comprehensive tag management is foundational to providing protection from the security threats that continue to increase in number and complexity. 

Mean and clean 

Excellent tag hygiene will clean up your cloud and enhance security in multiple ways. By tagging resources you can easily track where your data resides. User defined tags can be specifically created for security purposes. Sensitive data should be tagged to indicate a higher priority for protection, giving notice that the resource requires additional attention. Resources tagged for sensitive data can be scheduled for more frequent patching and updating. Compliance tags give notice that the resource is required to adhere to compliance standards and to make the resource more easily accessible during an audit. Prioritizing resources focuses attention and reduces security risks. 

Maturity and Automation 

A mature tag environment enables the implementation of security automations. Automations are critical in the cloud with its rapid changes in scale and fast-moving resource deployments. Tags augment security by triggering the detection and reporting of concerns in a timely and organized fashion. Alerts should be configured so that alert fatigue does not occur, where so many alerts are triggered that those receiving the alerts become complacent.  

Effective Investigation  

Investigation of a security incident is made much simpler by effective tagging. Identification of the resource owner is immediate. The context of the incident is made apparent by the resource’s other tags, such as department, project, and environment tags. Tags can be used to enforce retention policies so that logs, snapshots and other relevant data are preserved for future investigation purposes. When an incident occurs, resources related to the affected service or department can be tagged to detect trends which suggest other issues that require solutions. 

Need for Speed 

When it comes to security the mean time to remediate a threat (MTTR) is crucial. A rapid incidence response to security vulnerabilities significantly reduces the likelihood of a security breach and effectively compresses the organization’s MTTR, thus reducing risk exposure. Tags provide a trove of relevant data with respect to a threat, enabling a much faster analysis without spending countless hours searching for needed information.  

Tags for IAM 

In a study published by Radiant Logic in August 2022, it was found that 60% of organizations have over 21 separate identities per user. An incredible 67% of the study participants knew they had identity sprawl but did not know how to address it. Tags facilitate IAM so that access to resources is not granted where it is not needed. They help guard against the failure to remove an employee when they switch teams or leave the company. The proliferation of zombie accounts, identities that have no active users, or an excessive number of administrative accounts where users are granted the highest level of access even if not needed are reduced by utilizing tags. In short, robust tagging is foundational to creating a tag environment possessing these strong defenses. 


Constant vigilance is required for effective cloud security. The ethereal perimeter of an organization’s cloud infrastructure presents a tempting target for incursion and sophisticated security threats are more pervasive than ever. Manual oversight is not an option as the scale of the resources is so great. CloudSaver’s innovative SaaS solution, Tag Manager, provides the features you need to achieve the highest levels of cloud security. Its Tag Intelligence provides you with valuable information the moment you connect. Your tag health is displayed in real time along with intuitive tools to remediate tag deficiencies. Tag Explorer enables batch processing for efficient and rapid performance of once tedious and time-consuming tasks. Tag Consolidation provides the means to identify and correct tag syntax errors, misspellings and omissions. Easily assign roles and permissions with the Tag Identity and Access Control Management features. Your cloud security will be better than ever. 

To achieve peace of mind in the cloud check out Tag Manager today and enjoy a 30-day free trial.  As one client stated, “the power of Tag Manager is going to my head!” 

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