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Tag Manager – a Game Changer


Tagging is vitally important to successful computing in the cloud. However, tag practices languish as enterprises focus on other aspects of their cloud activity. The 2022 State of Tag Management in the Cloud report reveals the scope of the problem. Businesses lack consistent tagging policies. Legacy resources require massive effort to tag. Sloppy tag environments defy remedy. These and multiple other issues engender frustration and a “where do we even begin” mindset that deprives businesses of the incredible benefits they could realize with a healthy tag environment. 

Announcing Tag Manager 

Tag Manager is a cutting-edge SaaS solution offered by CloudSaver that overwhelmingly addresses the frustrations businesses experience with their tagging practices. The benefits conferred by Tag Manager are sweeping in scope. Virtually every major component of your cloud infrastructure is enhanced by its features, enabling you to achieve a robust tag environment. Its powerful features set it apart as the clear leader in the marketplace.  

Five Applications 

There are five cloud applications that serve to illustrate the need for an effective tagging practice, each of which benefits from robust tag management. 

Cost Management

Rightsizing resources, shutting down idle instances, identifying orphaned volumes, and other cost savings are all optimization strategies that can be aggressively pursued by virtue of the visibility gained through Tag Manager


Effective resource tagging through Tag Manager impacts cloud security by significantly reducing an organization’s vulnerability to security risks and closing security gaps in its cloud infrastructure. 


Comprehensive tagging practices are the foundation to achieving high functioning governance in the cloud and Tag Manager strengthens a company’s ability to create and enforce governance policies. 


Tag Manager empowers a company to automatically attach tags that are either standard or user defined.  


The roadblocks to speed, scalability, stability, and resiliency are identified and removed with the visibility obtained by excellent tagging through Tag Manager.  

Product Features 

What’s under the hood? Tag Manager guides your tagging practices from beginning to end. It equips you to address all your tagging needs with its powerful solutions: 

  • Attach or modify tags on existing resources  
  • Tagging takes place in real-time 
  • Consistently tag across hybrid or multi-cloud environments  
  • Tag keys and values are suggested and spellchecked  
  • Make batch changes – even to existing tags  
  • Detect and batch merge tag variances 
  • Allocate “untaggable” resources 
  • Automatically attach tags at time of deployment  


Tag Manager is a game changer. Many organizations do not realize the true breadth of the shortcomings in their tag environment and tag practices or all the benefits to be gained when their tags are healthy. With Tag Manager a continuing stream of benefits is realized, including but not limited to multi-cloud management, chargeback and show back opportunities, improved product ROI, and strong IAM permissions. Cost management, security, governance, automation, and performance each experience significant enhancements that create greater speed, resiliency, and visibility, as well as reliable real-time data for data-driven decision making. A healthy and mature tag environment is achieved. Your bottom line will thank you. 

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“Given the number of outstanding tags we have the fact that we can go in and modify a ton of tags in 30 minutes is great. There are a lot of features and functionality that are really good. The power of [Tag Manager] is going to my head!” 

Cloud Infrastructure Technology Management Lead Associate

Fannie Mae