Brace yourself for a seismic shift in cloud FinOps. The nagging complexities of cloud visibility, recommendations, and execution are obliterated by the advanced, patented Cloudsaver Platform. This groundbreaking, user-friendly tool is poised to upend the entire cloud industry. By fusing powerful features with seamless connectivity and unparalleled functionality, Cloudsaver offers a game-changing perspective on cloud financial management.


Unmatched Features

Sounds too good to be true? Discover these unmatched features that set Cloudsaver above and apart in the industry:


Native, Real-time Tagging:
Achieve complete real-time tagging in the resource’s native environment, enabling full FinOps functionality, including 100% complete cost-allocation, near real-time cost showback, and advanced AI cost forecasting via a patented tagging process.


Flexible Deployment Options:
Choose from SaaS deployment, self-hosting deployment for complete control and security, or leverage Platform APIs. Enjoy consistent support regardless of deployment.


Competitive Pricing:
Benefit from incredible pricing flexibility that makes the platform accessible for any business including small, mid-size and enterprise.



Your Pain is Real

Numerous FinOps solutions are available in the cloud marketplace, but most organizations still face seemingly insurmountable challenges. A common misconception is that these challenges are unsolvable. Limited visibility and accountability hinder effective cost allocation, budgeting, and forecasting. The complexity of multi-cloud environments and rapid technological advancements further complicate cloud asset management. Users often need deep FinOps and technology knowledge to be effective. Complex pricing models and invoices obscure trends, anomalies, and allocations.


Our Solution Takes the Pain Away

​Unlock the full value of your cloud investment with the Cloudsaver Platform, available May 31, with opportunities to experience its features firsthand at FinOps X in June. This holistic platform integrates four key solutions: Assessments, Compliance, FinOps, and Optimizations. Each solution provides powerful tools and insights to maximize cloud efficiency and resource management.

Assessments: Gain crucial insights into your current FinOps status and identify optimization opportunities across availability zones, regions, accounts, organizations, tenants, and customers.

Compliance: Manage financial risk and ensure compliance in your cloud environment through patented, real-time resource tagging in the native environment, coupled with tag policy visibility.

FinOps: Gain visibility, track, and manage spend in near-real-time for robust FinOps practices, including 100% invoice cost allocation, near real-time showback reconciliation, and AI cost forecasting.

Optimizations: Optimizations: Identify and execute potential savings with user configurable recommendation thresholds. Address unused and underutilized resources with multi-tenant, real-time visibility.


Key Features

The key features that set the Cloudsaver Platform apart include:

Patented Tagging: With an exclusive 20-point patent, Cloudsaver redefines resource tagging, enabling unprecedented cloud efficiency and performance. Achieve 100% cost-allocation and showback with proprietary tag management technology, including:

  • Tagging in the native AWS and Azure environments
  • Real-time resource visibility and tagging
  • Retroactive tagging for past and future cost allocations
  • Tagging at resource or organization level
  • Tag Automation
  • Seamless integration of CMDB-related data

Showback: Achieve 100% allocation of costs, including shared, untaggable, and legacy resources.

AI Cost Forecasting: Utilize multiple algorithms for accurate cost forecasting, allowing you to choose models that focus on your business priorities.

Global Cloud Asset Management (GCAM): Manage cloud assets across clients, organizations, accounts, regions, availability zones (AZs), and resources with ease.


FinOps Foundation Premier Membership

The demand for FinOps has surged in today’s economic environment. Organizations are empowered with enhanced operational efficiencies through Cloudsaver’s premier membership in the FinOps Foundation.


New Look, Same Great Taste!

The new Cloudsaver brand also reflects our dedication to elevating our clients’ cloud experience, while our performance-enhancing patents underscore our commitment to the cloud industry and community.


What the Heck is COSMIC?

COSMIC™ is one of three core technologies powering the Cloudsaver platform:

COSMIC™ (Cloud Open Standard for Metadata and Integrated Connection) is a vendor-neutral, open-source specification designed to unify cloud connection methods and normalize resource metadata across all major cloud service providers.

FOCUS™ (FinOps Cost and Usage Specification) is an open standard driven by the FinOps Foundation to normalize cost and usage data across major cloud providers and vendors.

Cloudsaver’s patented tagging technology offers real-time, native resource visibility and tagging of resource metadata that feeds cost and usage data

It is this trifecta of technology and best practices that enables the Cloudsaver platform to offer revolutionary new FinOps capabilities like 100% cost allocation, near-real-time showback reconciliation, and the ability to automatically tag past and future invoice costs.

Cloudsaver reinforces its commitment to the FinOps community by offering COSMIC as an open-source tool. Just as the FinOps Foundation developed FOCUS, Cloudsaver’s development of COSMIC demonstrates our dedication to advancing industry standards.


Strategic Partnerships

Our distribution partnership with leading IT distributor TD Synnex, ensures a smooth and expedited transaction for the Cloudsaver Platform. This partnership offers robust capabilities and expertise, enriching your cloud management experience and demonstrating Cloudsaver’s commitment to excellence. With TD Synnex, experience substantial performance enhancement with best-in-class technology and services across every facet of cloud management – from DevOps to security – perfectly complementing Cloudsaver’s FinOps solutions.



Cloudsaver is poised to transform cloud management with its innovative FinOps and risk management solutions. The Cloudsaver Platform, with its unmatched features and holistic approach to cloud financial management addresses the core challenges of visibility, complexity, and execution, offering organizations the tools they need to maximize efficiency and resource management. Partnered with industry leaders and committed to open-source solutions like COSMIC, Cloudsaver stands at the forefront of the cloud industry, ready to empower organizations to achieve their cloud management goals. Unlock the full value of your cloud investment with Cloudsaver today.