Operations team

Our highly certified, specially trained team of engineers and analysts have one focus and goal – to deliver continued cloud cost savings to our clients.

Certified AWS engineers

It is important to know you are working with professionals who truly understand their craft. It is equally important that those people are also thoughtful, excellent communicators and possess a heavy dose of common sense.

Our team includes both Certified AWS Engineers as well as financial experts. We highly encourage all of our Cloud Analysts to carry multiple certifications reflecting their depth of knowledge, dedication and commitment to this space.


Specially trained

AWS cost optimization is all we do! It is a highly specialized area that requires extensive training. We ensure that each of our Cloud Analysts have an in-depth understanding of cloud architecture, the AWS platform and its complex billing practices before they are allowed to manage an account.

We also continuously train and develop each of our Cloud Analysts to ensure they are always aware of changes to the AWS platform, new optimization tools or other cost saving strategies.


Value creation

Everyone at CloudSaver is very passionate about cost optimization. We eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff and are intent on creating value for you every day.

However, it is essential to create value the right way. That is why we closely monitor all cost saving recommendations to ensure they are thoughtful and do not compromise system security, stability or performance. No cowboys allowed!



Take control of your cloud costs with CloudSaver

Gain insights into your AWS billing, identify opportunities to optimize cloud spend, then substantially reduce your AWS costs without impacting performance. It all starts with our AWS savings assessment.