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Product Description
Tag Management software to help you create, edit, and delete cloud tags at scale, manage tags and tag policies across cloud platforms, and automate tagging of resources — all on one powerful, easy-to-use platform.
Pricing Overview

Tag management plans sized to fit your needs. Editions starting at:
– $0/month (Free Trial)
– $200/month (Standard)
– $500/month (Professional)
– $1,000/month (Enterprise)


Manage tags across cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, & GCP) and at scale (bulk processing). Automate tag changes with scheduled processes and auto-tag hygiene recommendations and changes. Increase cloud security through proper tagging and tag policies. Dashboards and reports to enable data-driven decisions. All powered by the operational and tagging data in your cloud environments to enable customization and visibility at scale.

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The State of Cloud Tag Management

The State of Cloud Tag Management

Cloud tags are powerful, but many organizations find it difficult to effectively tag their cloud resources. In fact, only 14% of companies with cloud resources are effectively tagging 90% or more of their cloud resources.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Read the industry report to learn the state of tagging, what others are doing, and how your organization stacks up.

Advance Your Cloud Operations with Tag Manager

Tag Manager for Cloud Cost Management

The use of tags is the only means to effectively manage cloud costs. With meticulous tagging, an organization can identify opportunities for savings in cloud spend. Without tagging, an enterprise is figuratively flying blind in the cloud. Tag Manager is the only cloud tag solution powered by the powerful Tag ExplorerTM query engine, enabling clear cost visibility and accurate, real-time metrics to understand costs and manage your resources.

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Tag Manager for Cloud Cost Management & FinOps

Tag Manager for Cloud Performance

The performance and efficiency of your cloud application workloads (CAW) will be enhanced when you can base decisions on accurate metrics captured through careful tagging. With robust tagging, your ability to compare your CAWs against known industry benchmarks will be greatly enhanced.

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Tag Manager for Cloud Performance

Tag Manager for Cloud Security

Exceptional tag health is a foundational requirement for strong cloud security and reduces the vulnerability an organization has to the ever-increasing number of risks. Tag Manager provides continuous correction of improperly tagged resources, automated corrections at scale, and automatic tagging of resources at deployment, effectively closing security gaps that sloppy tagging can create.

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Tag Manager for Cloud Security

Tag Manager for Cloud Governance

When resources are thoroughly tagged, you’ve effectively armed your governance and compliance teams with the visibility and metrics they needs to be effective. Your teams can leverage Tag Manager’s tag policy management, powerful query engine, and resource assignment to successfully manage cloud activity.

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Tag Manager for Cloud Cost Management & FinOps

Tag Manager for Cloud Cost Management

When your resources are exhaustively tagged, you can create a myriad of automatic deployment actions for maximum efficiency, limited only by your imagination. Getting and keeping resources tagged is key. Tag Manager is the efficient solution to automatically tag resources upon deployment and manage those tags globally. Harness the power of automation with alerts, scheduling, and resource assignment.

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Tag Manager for Cloud Automation

Popular Features

Batch Processing

Streamline your tagging efforts by making broad and deep changes to you cloud tags without any limitations to the number of tags changes per batch or in the complexity of tag changes.

Real-Time Cloud Provider Sync

Resource and Tag data are always in sync with you native AWS and Azure environments. Native tag changes are reflected in real-time in Tag Manager.

Tag Explorer Query Engine

An extremely responsive, purpose built query engine to surface the tag data you are looking for with robust filtering capabilities.

Tag Intelligence

Get instant access to Tag Intelligence as soon as you connected your AWS or Azure environment to Tag Manager. Tag Intelligence provides actionable tag health and tag compliance insights into your native cloud environments.

Product Tiers

Tag Manager Standard


Tag Manager streamlines the tagging process with advanced resource and tag searching, bulk tag processing, and robust dashboards and reports.

Tag Manager Professional


Expand the power of tagging with tag management across cloud providers, tag policy management, and added scheduling functionality.

Tag Manager Enterprise


For maximum tag power, leverage unrivaled tag automation and “Virtual Tags” that enable tagging on resources previously deemed “untaggable.”

Services & Add-Ons

Tag Management Services

Tag Management Services

Looking for additional help in getting or keeping your tag hygiene clean? Sign up for services.

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FinOps Advisory Services

Go straight to smart. Work with knowledgeable FinOps consultant to speed your FinOps journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tag Manager?

Tag Manager provides robust cloud resource tagging for accurate tracking, metrics, and ROI. The rich feature set allows you to take action on tags for comprehensive and effective resource management. Gain visibility of resources, ownership and applications.

Why should I care about what Tag Manager can do?
  • Cost Management – Eliminate unnecessary spend
  • Security & Compliance – Close data gaps
  • Governance – Empower governance teams to easily create, manage, and remediate tag policies
  • Automation – Eliminate redundant tasks, and enable cloud scalability through automation
  • Cloud Performance – Improve the efficiency and performance of your cloud application workloads
How is Tag Manager different from other tag management solutions?
  • Real-time, native tag changes and real-time resource visibility
  • Tag changes in bulk or in batches
  • Complete tag changes across AWS and Azure
  • Proactive and retroactive tag policies
  • Compliance monitoring and remediation
  • Tag automation via enforced tag policies and tag variant group management
  • Tag access and control via roles and permissions
  • Tag untaggable resources via virtual tags
What does Tag Manger allow me to do that I can’t do through AWS or Azure directly?
Tag Manager can do everything native tag applications can do, but also enables you to do much, much more. Tag Manager provides an intuitive UI and streamlined workflow to complete native tag changes in real-time. To see the full feature list, click here.
If we use IaC (Infrastructure as code), why would we need Tag Manager?
While Terraform and Cloud-formation can help with some cloud tagging, our clients use Tag Manager for its ability to fully tag resources, correct misspellings, or identify resources that don’t meet tag governance policies or are untaggable.
I think my tags are in good shape. Why do I need Tag Manager?
Many of our clients thought their tags were in good shape too. It’s hard to know when you don’t have visibility. The 30 day FREE Trial of Tag Manager provides you access to Tag Intelligence – instant insight into your tag health, as well as guided tools to enable quick tag improvements.
Can I determine which accounts and resources Tag Manager can access?

Yes, the admin user has complete control over what accounts and resources that are accessible, as well as the ability to permission groups and roles with granular access.

Is Tag Manager multi-cloud?
Yes, Tag Manager currently works with the AWS and Azure platforms with GCP to be available in 2023.
What’s the difference between Tag Manager tiers?

Tag Manager Standard, Tag Manager Pro and Tag Manager Enterprise offer features that build on one-another:

  • Tag Manager Standard provides a robust query engine, bulk editing, as well as dashboards and reporting.
  • Tag Manager Professional adds tag policy management and tag scheduling, among other features
  • Tag Manager Enterprise layers on tag variant management, tag automation and virtual tags, in addition to other features

For a full feature list, click here.

How much time does it take to setup Tag Manager?

Tag Manager can take as little as 15 minutes to get setup. The account connection process offers 3 methods for connecting your accounts to Tag Manager including CLI, TerraForm, or CloudFormation. For more information on getting connected, View this Knowledgebase Article.

What customer support can I expect?

All Tag Manager subscriptions include online access to our customer support staff, as well as our product knowledgebase that answers frequently asked Tag Manager questions. Users can also opt for CloudSaver Tag Management Services. For information on CloudSaver Tag Management Services, click here.

If my team manages tags in-house, why would we need Tag Manager?

Tag Manager makes your team more efficient and effective. Tag Manager offers incredible functionality including batch edits, configurable dashboards, real-time CSP synchronization, compliance monitoring, tag automation, and integrated log research.

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