Questions to Ask Before You Buy a CCM Solution

Equip yourself with the right questions. The answers might surprise you but they’re exactly what you need when you jump into cloud cost management.

Knowing what questions to ask makes it easier to determine your readiness for cloud cost management solutions. Get to the bottom of what drives your need for better cloud spend efficiencies. The answers will be highly instructive. You can be confident that you have thoroughly considered the many components that affect your organization’s implementation.

Every organization is unique, but the checklist of foundational questions provided in this eBook chapter will jumpstart your CCM plans to alleviate your pain points.

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“Before working with CloudSaver it was build it, get it out and then we’ll figure it out. Now we think about the cloud cost of the new application at the development stage, helping us to realize even more cost savings.”
Vice-President of Engineering, iHeartRadio