3 Ways to Stand Out as an AWS, Azure, or GCP Cloud Services Business


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs), differentiation is not just a buzzword—it’s the key to long-term success. As an MSP, having a convincing answer to the question of what sets you apart is crucial. Let’s delve into specific strategies tailored for MSPs to differentiate themselves in the market.


1. Choose a Vertical
For MSPs, specialization is a potent strategy. Focusing on specific vertical markets allows MSPs to develop a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and tailor their services accordingly. This not only positions the MSP as an industry expert but also creates a niche that competitors may find challenging to replicate.

Cloudticity is a prime example with its exclusive focus on healthcare cloud management. Recognized by CRN as one of the fastest-growing North American technology companies, Cloudticity’s dedication to healthcare solutions sets it apart as a leader in this vertical market.


2. Craft a Compelling Story
To effectively set your MSP apart, craft a compelling narrative. Weave real-world examples of how your specialization and commitment to customer success have led to tangible results. Share success stories, emphasizing the journey you’ve undertaken with clients, and how your tailored solutions have propelled their business forward.

ePlus showcases its success through detailed case studies that highlight its unique capabilities in tackling specific customer challenges. With gross profit from managed services soaring 36.6% in fiscal year 2024, ePlus’s real-world narrative speaks volumes about its effectiveness.


3. Demonstrate Your Value in Unique Ways
In the competitive MSP landscape, it’s commonplace to encounter claims of extensive experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction. However, for true differentiation, MSPs need to move beyond these assertions. It’s not just about making claims; it’s about demonstrating how their experience translates into tangible benefits for clients, how their expertise solves real-world problems, and how customer satisfaction is an outcome of a genuine commitment to success. Successful MSPs don’t merely assert their capabilities, they substantiate them by making their clients demonstrably more successful.

Trace3, for example, prioritizes the delivery of measurable business value to its clients. With customer success driving over 70% growth in its cybersecurity division alone in the past year and expected revenue to soar to $4 billion by 2026, Trace3 showcases how fostering client success spurs significant MSP growth.


In conclusion, the path to true differentiation for MSPs involves a strategic blend of specialization and long-term relationship building. By actively showcasing their expertise, understanding client needs, and delivering consistent value, MSPs can truly stand out in a crowded market, becoming indispensable partners on their clients’ road to success.

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