AWS MAP Compliance | 3 Min Read

Optimize Your AWS MAP Contract with MAP Manager


Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the dominant cloud service provider, commanding an impressive 32% market share and, according to Techjury, serving over 3.2 million companies across 245 countries. To incentivize migration to its platform, AWS has introduced the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), offering substantial financial incentives for organizations transitioning to their platform.

Navigating the AWS MAP Contract

The AWS MAP contract mandates that organizations correctly tag MAP resources to qualify for MAP credits. However, navigating the MAP tagging requirements is complex and can prove daunting. The stakes are high as failure to correctly tag resources or meet connection requirements prevents companies them realizing the full benefits of their contract incentives.


Announcing MAP Manager

Enter MAP Manager, a ground-breaking SaaS solution from CloudSaver designed to simplify and streamline the complex process of navigating the AWS MAP program requirements. MAP Manager arrives at a crucial time, addressing the primary pain points experienced by enterprises seeking to comply with their MAP contract.


Customer Pain Points

  • Organizations quickly realize that successfully meeting MAP contract requirements poses significant challenges, with numerous pain points demanding effective solutions:
  • Reactive posture – Businesses often find themselves in a reactive posture, grappling with untagged or incorrectly tagged resources that surface only when quarterly AWS invoices land on their desks.
  • Poor resource visibility – Limited visibility into the MAP resource environment leads to a lack of information and awareness concerning untagged or improperly tagged resources.
  • Tagging uncertainty – The absence of tagging tools and an inadequate understanding of the AWS MAP contract requirements result in low program compliance and efficacy.
  • Time-consuming manual efforts – Time-consuming manual tagging efforts increase the risk of human error causing operational inefficiencies and higher costs.
  • Disruptions – Undetected disruptions in AWS MAP configuration or connection settings result in noncompliance, destabilizing the MAP compliance environment.
  • Credits are not retroactive – MAP credits are not retroactive, only available upon establishing compliance, further emphasizing the importance of accurate tagging from the outset.
  • Slow migration – Program complexities can frustrate customers and lead to slower-than-expected and more cautions migrations.


MAP Manager’s Comprehensive Features

MAP Manager tackles customer pain points with remarkable efficiency, simplifying complexity.

Seamless Connection

Connect to MAP Manager in minutes with user-friendly interfaces like CloudFormation, Terraform, and CLI. The entire connection process is streamlined for optimum user experience.

Visibility and Dashboards

Once connected, MAP Manager provides clear visibility into the migration status by displaying the tagging health of the environment. Resources are viewable in real-time and with customizable dashboards. Chart a course to ensure compliance and maximize your MAP credit opportunities.

MAP Tag Clarity

Often users are uncertain where to begin but the MAP Manager display clearly distinguishes MAP resources from non-MAP resources and identifies which resources require tagging along with the correct tags to use.

Compliance Alerts and Mediation Menus

The MAP Manager icons alert you when tags are out-of-compliance. An intuitive menu guides you with correct tagging options to effortlessly bring resources into tag compliance.

MAP Tag Automation

Powerful tag automation quickly and accurately tags cloud resources, reducing manual effort, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. Create new resources worry-free and fully compliant by establishing automation rules that ensure immediate and correct tagging upon deployment. Automate the tagging of ephemeral resources before they disappear.

Batch Processing

Choose between individual or group resource tagging with batch processing, enabling rapid remediation and speedy compliance.

Real-Time and Native Cloud Sync

Tag changes occur in real-time and in the native AWS cloud environment, ensuring immediate and timely access to accurate data.


MAP Manager Value Drivers

MAP Manager delivers high-level benefits, most notably helping users obtain contract compliance. Users have reported remarkable speed, with some achieving MAP contract compliance in just hours. (For the full story read the ATN International Case Study)

MAP Manager provides complete MAP visibility, for informed AWS outcome predictions and efficient migration progress monitoring. Its versatility helps ensure seamless alignment with end user customers, resellers, distributors, and MSPs. MAP Manager enables service delivery teams and MSPs to elevate their service offerings and explore various market opportunities, including white labeling.

A comprehensive solution like MAP Manager, which streamlines, manages, and automates the entire AWS MAP contract process, significantly reduces customer frustrations, and generates high levels of customer satisfaction.


MAP Manager is a game-changer for organizations navigating the complexities of AWS MAP compliance. Its robust features not only accelerate the migration process but also enhance visibility, streamline compliance and minimize errors. By simplifying the intricate tagging requirements and automating resource management, MAP Manager empowers organizations to achieve AWS MAP compliance swiftly and efficiently. This, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction, reduced frustrations, and a smoother migration journey to the AWS cloud.