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Upgrade Cloud MSP Bundled Services with CloudSaver Tag Manager


Bundling products and services is a time-tested strategy for cloud MSPs to increase revenue and deliver added value to their clients. With the arrival of Tag Manager, bundled services enter a new realm of flexibility and added value for both the MSP and the client. Specific challenges unique to bundling are overcome by adding the secret sauce – Tag Manager.   

Client Expectations 

Savvy and mature clients expect more today than ever before. Well-crafted bundles that include Tag Manager offer greater efficiencies for cloud MSPs through comprehensive tagging and automation. This, in turn, translates to increased value for clients, as they benefit from bundled solutions that enhance performance across multiple cloud applications, both in terms of the services they receive from their cloud MSP and in the enhanced performance of their cloud resources. Cloud MSPs exceed expectations with bundled packages that specifically address client pain points in an exceptionally efficient and intuitive manner. 

Evolving Use Cases 

Nearly every client faces hot-button infrastructure issues and evolving use cases. Tag Manager is a versatile tool that fits multiple use cases, enabling cloud MSPs to solve client issues quickly and proactively. Customized bundles can be tailored to meet current and evolving infrastructure requirements, enabling swift adaptation to rapid technological changes. 

Seamless Integration 

Seamless integration of diverse products and services is crucial when creating bundles. Tag Manager pairs well with a wide range of products and services, facilitating endless possibilities for bundle configurations. This enables cloud MSPs to effectively market standardized and personalized offerings, expanding the range of available services, products, and cloud service providers (CSPs). Clients can achieve their desired outcomes without seeking multiple components and providers. 


Tag Manager offers pricing flexibility that benefits both cloud MSPs and their clients. Cloud MSPs enjoy flexible pricing strategies with zero upfront costs or investments. This, coupled with the ease of upselling, provides added value for the MSP. Clients can manage their cash flow by purchasing only what they need and upgrading as they grow, ensuring cost efficiency and scalability. 

Simplifying Customization 

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for clients, Tag Manager fits all solutions, simplifying the configuration of separate products and services to address specific client requirements. And regardless of the bundle’s design and composition, clients also receive the benefits of tag management, significantly adding value to their solution. 

Closing Service Gaps 

Eliminating service gaps is essential when creating bundles. Tag Manager seamlessly works with nearly all products and services, empowering cloud MSPs to design comprehensive bundles without leaving any gaps. This establishes them as the single source for all product and service needs, providing clients with peace of mind and a seamless experience. 

Focusing on Desired Outcomes 

Differentiating from competitors is vital for cloud MSPs. Utilizing Tag Manager allows them to elevate bundle design and shift the focus from selling individual products to selling desired outcomes. This approach enables clients to concentrate on their core business while engaging their cloud MSP for comprehensive technology solutions. 


Cloud MSPs attain increased flexibility, value, and competitive advantages by upgrading their bundled services with CloudSaver Tag Manager. From exceeding client expectations to seamless integration and flexible pricing, MSPs can utilize Tag Manager as the secret sauce that enhances bundled offerings. In the rapidly changing cloud marketplace, upgrading bundled services with CloudSaver Tag Manager is the key to staying ahead of the competition and providing exceptional value to clients.