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AWS Unveils Exciting Opportunities for MSPs in 2024


Exciting news for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) was unveiled by AWS at re:Invent 2023, as they announced an enhanced program set to launch in the second quarter of 2024. Geared towards empowering MSPs to build and grow additional revenue streams, this program introduces strategic enhancements designed to drive productivity and profitability for partners.


1. MSPs as Key Decision Influencers
MSPs play a pivotal role in influencing clients’ purchasing decisions. Recognizing the significance of their impact, AWS aims to further empower MSPs through a comprehensive program that aligns with their evolving needs.


2. Driving Productivity and Profitability
Understanding the challenges MSPs face, AWS is committed to simplifying the partnership experience. The enhanced program introduces a combination of cash and/or credit investments, providing flexibility to partners. Additionally, AWS is rolling out additional incentives tailored to scenarios where extra funding is required beyond traditional “lift-and-shift” approaches, enabling partners to maximize their margins.


3. Evolving MSP Engagement
The traditional motivation for MSP engagement has centered around cost reduction, staff optimization, and access to cutting-edge technology. However, AWS recognizes the evolving landscape and the growing demand for MSPs with specific industry expertise. The future of MSP engagement is shifting towards providers who can offer valuable insights such as forecasting advice, robust risk management, and cybersecurity solutions.


4. Stay Tuned for Launch Details
As AWS prepares to launch this enhanced program in the second quarter of 2024, MSPs can anticipate a wealth of opportunities to elevate their service offerings and revenue streams. Stay tuned for further details regarding the program’s specifics, as AWS continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering success and growth within its partner ecosystem.


In conclusion, the upcoming AWS program is poised to redefine the landscape for MSPs, offering a dynamic platform for innovation, growth, and increased profitability. MSPs can look forward to a collaborative partnership with AWS, where their success is not only supported but actively cultivated.

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