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CloudSaver launches automation features for Tag Manager


Overland Park, KS, June 16, 2023 – CloudSaver announces the launch of advanced automation functionality in its Tag Manager software. This powerful addition further provides users with streamlined cloud resource tag management capabilities unmatched on the market today.

The benefits of Tag Manager automation are unrivaled and far-reaching,” CloudSaver CEO Mark Williams said. “Many organizations struggle with accurate and timely tagging of their data. Users are looking for a solution that quickly and accurately tags their data with minimal manual input. With the new automation features, organizations can painlessly leverage the numerous benefits of a well-tagged cloud environment.

Tag Manager’s cutting-edge, unparalleled automation feature consists of four components: autotagging, tag inheritance, syntax correction, and tag replacement.

Autotagging empowers users to define criteria for tags. Resources that fit the criteria are automatically tagged according to the predefined rules. Automatically tagging resources at the time of their deployment strengthens security by enabling immediate IAM protection, reducing vulnerability to threats from the outset.

Tag Inheritance also grants greater efficiency by enabling tag key values to be passed down (or up) from parent or child resources. Resources are organized hierarchically, and a Tag Manager user can manage a tag within this hierarchy and have it automatically do the same to the others in the lineage.

The manual, time consuming process of syntax correction is eliminated. Syntax correction automation allows users to set up rules to automatically correct syntax errors ranging from common misspellings to leading or trailing spaces, allowing data to be accurate.

Tag replacement is used for updating tags at scale. The user establishes a rule, and each affected tag and subsequent new tag is automatically changed. If a resource owner or a cost center code changes, the affected tags can be updated easily with the new resource owner or cost center tag. Up-to-date tags ensures accurate reporting.

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