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CloudSaver is arming cloud MSPs with the tools needed to stand apart from the competition.

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CloudSaver MSP Partnership Program Overview

Find new revenue streams and stand apart from your competitors with the MSP Partnership Program. Be a first-mover delivering foundational tag management solutions and accelerate client outcomes for all your cloud infrastructure, cloud transformation, or cloud cost management offerings.

The State of Cloud Tag Management

The CloudSaver MSP partnership program includes three components:

  1. Cloud Tag Management Solution – A SaaS platform built for MSPs
  2. MSP Incentive Program – Zero investment and predictable, recurring monthly revenue streams
  3. Support Resources – An army of cloud certified professionals and training and knowledge articles

There’s zero investment for MSPs. Use your existing service delivery team and generate predictable, recurring monthly revenue streams.

Explore the benefits that cloud MSPs gain from Tag Manager, an innovative and powerful SaaS program that provides clients with cutting-edge technology while generating new, recurring revenue streams for you.

Tag Manager for MSPs

Tag Manager is a cutting-edge SaaS solution that comprehensively addresses the foundational issue of tagging cloud resources. The benefits of tag management are sweeping. Virtually every major component of a cloud infrastructure is affected. 


Cloud Cost Mgmt




Key Features


  1. MSP Admin portal to distribute & configure for clients, as well as administer tag changes
  2. Connect unlimited accounts across regions, zones, and CSPs
  3. Tag Intelligence tools to identify tagging gaps and remediate in seconds
  4. In-line and bulk tag changes made in real-time in native CSP environments
  5. Manage tag compliance with multi-cloud policy templates
  6. Configure powerful tag automation tools to expedite and scale your tagging efforts

MSP Incentive Program

CloudSaver provides MSPs with high value, including new recurring revenue streams. With cloud knowledge comes insights and value. Partner with CloudSaver and enjoy a new level of expertise.

1. Sign-up

Sign-up as a partner and get access to Tag Manager for MSPs.

2. Distribute & Setup

Implement Tag Manager for your service delivery teams and/or clients.

3. Find & Fix

Find problems & make changes to the client environment.

4. Get Paid

Get paid a % of client revenue generated via tag changes.

Pricing Model

  1. Free to distribute and configure for clients
  2. Free to use included resource and tag visibility tools
  3. Pay-as-you-go model
    • Clients only pay when they make changes
    • CloudSaver bills monthly
    • Partner paid monthly a % of client revenue
Tag Changes / Month Price / Tag Change
0 to 10,000 $0.100 (USD)
10,001 to 25,000 $0.070 (USD)
25,001 to 50,000 $0.040 (USD)
50,001 to 500,000 $0.015 (USD)
Over 500,000 $0.010 (USD)

As a cloud MSP you’re always on the lookout for new revenue streams. With zero investment in financial capital or human resources, you can seamlessly integrate Tag Manager tools and services into your existing structure and generate predictable, recurring monthly revenue streams. Download the Revenue Stream Data Sheet to calculate your new financial opportunities.

Supporting You For Success

MSPs face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their clients’ tag environment. CloudSaver provides a comprehensive MSP module that enables MSPs to onboard and manage their clients’ tag environment seamlessly. 

Client Administration

The MSP Module within Tag Manager will enable MSPs to provide a white-labeled experience, onboard clients, manage the client tag environment and manage payment methods.

Tech Support

CloudSaver will provide in-app support for end users. Live chat, email, the knowledge base, trainings and certifications will be available to provide the end users support as they learn how to use the platform.

Tagging Services

Augment your team and let CloudSaver’s army of cloud, finance and technical experts efficiently perform tagging management functions for you. Stay focused on your business while we manage tags.

MSP Benefits


Zero Investment

Capture new revenue streams with zero investment in financial capital or human resources. Deliver services – with existing service delivery resources to generate predictable, recurring monthly revenue streams.


Increase Efficiencies

If you offer managed cloud infrastructure, cloud transformation, or cloud cost management services, accelerate client outcomes with Tag Manger. Benefit from greater efficiencies in FinOps, DevOps, SecOps, and GRC/IRM.


Competitive Advantage

Tag Manager for MSPs gives you a competitive edge and adds to your trusted advisor status. Effectively solve one of your clients’ most foundational challenges – thorough tagging of cloud resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Tag Manager when I already have existing tools like IAC and my own proprietary solution?

IaC and home-grown solutions are valuable for managing certain aspects of tagging, but they have limitations that Tag Manager can overcome to provide complete and efficient tagging capabilities. 

Unlike IaC, Tag Manager actively monitors the health of your tags and provides complete visibility into your entire environment, allowing you to identify any tagging needs that might have been missed.

Managing resources across stacks or cloud service providers is also a challenge for IaC. Tag Manager solves this problem with its multi-cloud, multi-platform functionality, enabling you to handle tagging consistently across different environments with single pane visibility. 

If tags defined by IAC are changed by Tag Manager, IaC redeployment may cause these changes to show as drift. Upon redeployment these changes may revert. This highlights the importance of managing tags through Tag Manager to prevent drift and maintain consistency. 

So why should you still make changes to your tags via Tag Manager? 

  • IaC templates may lead to syntax errors in tags, i.e., Application vs. application, due to inconsistent naming conventions Tag Manager avoids such inconsistencies by providing a central and standardized approach to tagging. 
  • IaC usually doesn’t reach 100% of your environment, leaving resources without appropriate tags. Tag Manager ensures comprehensive coverage, including obscure services that might be overlooked. 
  • IaC may not offer the scope or depth needed for your specific use case, i.e., IaC may tag compute resources, but not the volume or a specific obscure service. Tag Manager provides the flexibility to meet your specific tagging requirements.
  • Making changes to tags through IaC often necessitates a full redeployment, which is impractical for minor tag modifications. With Tag Manager, you can update tags without the need for a complete IaC redeployment.   

Many home-grown solutions lack essential features like real-time synchronization, batch processing, tag policy management, automation, and others. Tag Manager fills these gaps, ensuring a robust and efficient tagging process. 

Tag Manager complements existing tools like IaC and custom solutions by providing a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to tagging, ensuring that your tagging process is efficient, accurate, and hassle-free. 

Why should I manage my resources via tags instead of accounts?

Managing resources with tags allows for greater granularity, a necessity to achieve the benefits of cloud computing. Managing cloud resources via tags provides more flexibility, visibility, and control than managing them via accounts. It enables you to optimize resource usage, improve resource management, and reduce costs.

  • Cost savings: Tagging allows you to efficiently allocate resources, which can help you reduce your cloud spending. Instead of having separate accounts for different teams or projects, you can use tags to track usage and costs across multiple accounts
  • Resource organization: Tagging helps you organize and categorize your resources based on criteria of your choice, such as environment, application, or owner. This makes it easier to find and manage resources, especially in complex environments
  • Access control: Tagging allows you to set permissions to access specific resources based on tags rather than accounts, creating more granular security controls
  • Automation: Tagging can be used to automate tasks such as resource provisioning, monitoring, and reporting. For example, you can use tags to trigger automated workflows or alerts based on resource usage or cost
Is your solution secure?

You understand that your clients’ data security is not just important – it’s critical. That’s why we take data security and privacy seriously, and have implemented measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.


SOC2 Type 2 certification: This prestigious certification proves that we’ve implemented top-notch controls and processes for data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


ISO 27001 certification: This distinguished certification demonstrates that we have a comprehensive information security management system in place, and regularly assess and manage risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information assets.


GDPR compliance: Our compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation means that we’ve implemented appropriate security measures to protect personal data, including encryption and access controls.


You can rest assured CloudSaver is committed to providing you with the highest level of data security and privacy, so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

What Partner compensation split does CloudSaver offer?

MSPs’ two revenue streams are

  1. Your hours billed for tag management services
  2. A Percentage of the revenue generated by client tagging activity.

Contact your representative for specific details. 

Are your products and services multi-cloud?

Yes, CloudSaver products and services have feature parity across the two major cloud providers – AWS and Azure. Google will be available in the near future.

What are my costs for your program?

The tag management program with CloudSaver has zero cost for the MSP.

  • Free to distribute and configure
  • Free visibility tools
  • Clients are charged on a consumption basis for tag activity in their environment. Partners receive a percentage of the revenue

MSPs have zero risk with the CloudSaver tag management program. No out-of-pocket costs and you can use your existing delivery teams to implement and service.

What are the use cases for this product?

Tag management is a foundational resource element for modern cloud management. As such, tagging impacts divisions company-wide and allows for accurate and timely ROI and other resource management reports.


Direct departments affected include

  • FinOps
  • DevOps
  • SecOps

Tagging resources allows companies to implement accurate showback and chargeback, drives accountability, enables resource automation, strengthens security, and streamlines governance.

Let’s have a conversation and explore the benefits
of partnering together with Tag Manager.