UPDATE: MAP Manager is transitioning to Cloudsaver’s Compliance solution

Automate MAP Spend Tagging and Optimize your AWS MAP Contract with MAP Manager.

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Be Proactive – Not Reactive

MAP Manager helps you take control and properly tag your resources to maximize your AWS MAP contract. Gain visibility into your cloud resources and then easily apply the correct tags to bring your resources into contract compliance.

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MAP Manager Delivers the Tools for MAP Compliance

MAP Manager Connection

An easy-to-navigate, intuitive experience walks you through the connection process using best-practice connection wizards.


Manage MAP Contracts

Keep your MAP contracts organized; see the key elements of your contracts, store important documents, view your accounts, and review eligible MAP tags.


Visualize Entire MAP Landscape

View all your resources and gain clarity about gaps in coverage. Red alert warnings make it easy to see which resources require attention. For optimal practicality there are hundreds of combined viewing and filtering options, allowing you to see resources the way you want. Color coded progress bar is a real-time summary of your tag health and compliance.


Manage Tags

Easily add and correct resource tags, in their native environment, to follow the complex and precise MAP requirements for MAP credit eligibility. Intuitive drop-down menus offer you the appropriate tagging options. Convenient tagging descriptions further assist you in correct tag selection. MAP Manager detects ephemeral resources and identifies them for tagging. Enjoy real-time tagging compliance.


Automated Tagging

Reduce manual edits and let your team work efficiently with auto-tagging. Set up the rules and let the program run automatically so you never miss a credit. Unsure of a potential move? Work in “draft” mode to see results before activation and automation.


Maximize Your Resources and Expedite Migration

Instant MAP Progress Tracking

Visualize MAP compliance and spend, for you and your migration partner

Migrate More, Faster

Remediate issues in real-time and focus more on migrating, less on compliance

Maximize MAP Incentives

Automate program compliance for optimal program benefits


Simple, Fair Pricing

Contact us for fair, simple, and transparent pricing. We’re here to help with any inquiries and offer a solution that fits your needs. Experience peace of mind with our straightforward approach.

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ATN International Accelerates MAP Tagging Success

ATN International achieved MAP compliance at groundbreaking speed by using MAP Manager. Enhanced visibility, automation, and efficient bulk tagging remediation enabled ATN to streamline compliance. From facing a daunting task to finding the perfect solution.

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