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Invoice Manager Puts You in Charge

Take command of your AWS invoices with this powerful tool. Invoice Manager provides clear invoice insights to uncover trends and variances so you can develop cost-saving strategies and put real savings in your pocket.

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Invoice Manager Delivers Superior Invoice Control

Superior Visibility

Gain enhanced visibility into your AWS invoices, establishing a strong foundation of actionable intel for better understanding and control of your spend. View invoices by reseller, account or total.



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Invoice Trend Analysis

Compare invoices from multiple months side-by-side, selecting the specific months you want to view. Gain insights into cost fluctuations through trend charts, including a detailed breakdown of the top spending changes.



Customizable Dashboards

Customize Invoice Dashboards to align precisely with your specific needs, ensuring that you receive accurate and valuable insights tailored for informed decision making.


Detailed Cost Analysis

Get a thorough breakdown and identify spend variances with side-by-side invoice comparisons to obtain a detailed understanding of what has changed and why.




Proactively manage costs with real-time alerts for unexpected spending spikes, ensuring that you not only stay informed but also maintain control over your financial expenditures.

Get Invoice Manager for Free


Invoice Manager Puts You in Charge


Gain desired visibility into your AWS cost structure. Uncover the root causes behind your invoice expenses.


Organize and analyze costs to meet your needs. Support data-driven decision-making with customized reports.


Leverage trend and resource data, and view invoices side-by-side. Proactively manage your invoice costs.

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