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Benchmark your company against industry standards

The 6 FinOps domains are understanding usage, rate optimization, usage optimization, performance tracking, real-time decision making, and organizational alignment.  Learn how your firm compares to industry standards in each of the 6 FinOps domains. 

Discover multi-cloud savings opportunities

Many potential savings opportunities may be hidden just a few clicks away. Jump start your FinOps journey and put your firm’s hard-earned dollars back to the bottom line.  

Access certified FinOps consultants

During the assessment you will learn the latest FinOps best practices in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our knowledgeable FinOps consultants will help you determine your current FinOps maturity. 

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The Process

For many firms, FinOps is a new concept. And for firms who have some experience in this realm, they know the scene is ever evolving. Cloud services are changing, builds are changing, and firms themselves are changing. With a 2-hour time investment of your FinOps team or leadership team you’ll learn how your firm can benefit from the practice of FinOps.

The Review

A time investment of 1 to 2 hours with your key cloud cost stakeholders for an in-depth and honest discussion of your current pain points, practices, and promises will lead to discovery of your current maturity level in each of the 6 FinOps domains.

Findings Delivery

A detailed findings report will be sent to your team within 5 business days of your review. Findings in each of the 6 assessment domains will be presented graphically for clear visibility and understanding of your firm’s current FinOps maturity status.

Client Success

Our clients say it best. We make them outrageously successful, and they become avid fans.
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“To date we have captured over $5M in annual AWS savings and we are on track to capture another $5M in savings this year.”

“We looked at multiple cloud cost optimization vendors. Most just wanted us to purchase their fancy dashboard that tracked AWS spending. CloudSaver was different, not only would they identify AWS cost optimization opportunities, but they gave us a project manager and cloud engineers to assist with cost savings execution.“

Jennifer Samolyk
Manager, Cloud CoE
Fannie Mae

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“Across our various AWS services, we captured 33% in savings.”

“The entire process was beneficial to our company, creating greater efficiencies and substantial cost savings. CloudSaver’s analysis uncovered numerous areas that needed attention, helping me to understand the many features of AWS and all the nuances of each type of service.”

“They understand the cloud, we understand our business. It’s an ideal partnership.“

VP of Engineering

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