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CloudSaver and Alphaus partner up in the southeast Asia market


Overland Park, KS, May 25, 2023 — CloudSaver is expanding its reach to the southeast Asia market through a partnership with Alphaus Inc., an international market leader in cloud financial management solutions.

Alphaus released OCTO, its new SaaS platform powered by CloudSaver, into SE Asia with expansion into Japan planned later this year. OCTO is a SaaS platform that offers advanced solutions for full and complete cloud resource tagging for any business that uses cloud infrastructure for its operations. Maintaining a healthy tag environment is inherently challenging, but OCTO is leveraging CloudSaver’s next generation tag management solution to dramatically simplify the process. 

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between CloudSaver and Alphaus ” CloudSaver CEO Mark Williams said. “Alphaus is widely respected for their robust solutions. This collaboration enables us to extend the value proposition for our customers and signifies a significant milestone for CloudSaver as we expand our international reach into the southeast Asia market.

Alphaus has a history of providing feature-rich SaaS products that maximize the benefits of moving to the cloud with greater cost and time savings, less wastage, and optimum utilization of cloud resources.

A lack of clear visibility and understanding of cloud costs negates the potential benefits and savings for companies by using the cloud, ” Alphaus CEO Hajime Hirose said. “We aim to solve this problem at scale with a versatile, comprehensive, and user-centric solution like OCTO, and help any business- whether it is a SME or a large-enterprise- to fully realize the benefits of using the cloud.

OCTO enables benefits in many business practices including automation, cloud spend, policy adherence, compliance, performance, and security, leading to greater speed, resiliency, and visibility, as well as reliable real-time data for data-driven decision making. It is built for MSPs and allows a productive and profitable synergy between MSPs and their clients.

CloudSaver brings technological innovation and experience in cloud infrastructure and tag management, adding value to Alphaus’ product bundles. Alphaus has proven solutions for aiding MSPs and comprehensive knowledge of the region.

You can sign up for the OCTO waitlist here:

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About Alphaus Inc.

Alphaus, a VC-backed tech start-up on a mission to simplify cloud computing for everyone, specializes in Cloud Financial Management (CFM) solutions. The company enables cloud services partners and other businesses to understand, manage and optimize complicated cloud spend, billings and resource allocation for maximizing ROI on their investments in the cloud.  Alphaus provides a suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for multi-cloud management supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.