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CloudSaver Origin Story


The Gold Standard 

CloudSaver empowers companies to realize the promise of the cloud. A passionate focus on clients’ pain points, coupled with unparalleled proprietary software drives CloudSaver’s full optimization of cloud spend. It may not sound glamorous but in the tech world it is pure gold.

Midwest Beginnings

CloudSaver began in Lenexa, Kansas, where values of the Heartland shaped the beginnings of a company that tackles complex cloud spend issues head on.

The seeds were planted when Mark Williams, a Certified Public Accountant, former CFO, and web entrepreneur, formed a small tech company to develop and market work management software tools. The company primarily used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its platform.

As the AWS invoice totals began to climb Mark scrutinized them closely and to his surprise discovered that even with his accounting background, he could not make sense of the charges. Turning to his software engineers he found that they, too, were at a loss to understand how the invoices were structured. To unscramble the numbers Mark dug deeply into AWS’ raw data, accessing information from different AWS locations that is not easily available to AWS customers. By doing so he was able to assimilate the AWS billing information in a clear and actionable manner.

The Aha Moment

At that moment Mark realized the enormous potential of peeking behind the AWS curtain. This newly discovered visibility created opportunities to dramatically reduce cloud spend. Mark’s connections at enterprise companies confirmed that they, too, struggled with deciphering and containing cloud costs. Almost universally their cloud spend was more than expected.

Moving Forward

CloudSaver began to design tools that would more efficiently configure cloud infrastructure to realize even greater savings. Fast forward to today and CloudSaver’s cloud solutions have created high dollar savings for multiple companies. As a managed service provider CloudSaver acts in a full-service cost optimization capacity. It assesses a client’s cloud infrastructure and resource utilization for savings opportunities, implements approved changes safely and securely, and provides continuous monitoring of the client’s cloud environment, all without disruption to business. CloudSaver’s execution of the approved infrastructure changes and resource optimization is very rare in the industry where managed service providers will make recommendations but leave the heavy lifting of implementation up to the client.

CloudSaver’s Greatest Asset

Talk to anyone at CloudSaver and they will tell you that its greatest asset is its employees. CloudSaver is committed to hiring smart, hardworking people who check their egos at the door, treating everyone with courtesy and respect. The operations team consists of CPAs and engineers, who are all certified in cloud computing disciplines, including AWS, Azure, and FinOps. Each client receives customized, personal treatment. CloudSaver believes that work culture is inseparable from product quality, so it fosters an environment where integrity and hard work are vital.

A Commitment to Innovation

CloudSaver is constantly growing and innovating, staying on top of current trends and remaining vigilant of the ever-changing landscape. It markets both services and software for greater cloud efficiencies and continuously releases new products with cutting edge technology that are at the forefront of current cloud iterations.