4 Crucial Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Migrating to AWS


Starting your cloud migration journey is both challenging and rewarding. Here are four key lessons learned for a smoother and more successful transition:


1. Understand MAP Eligibility
Before jumping into the migration process, make sure you fully grasp the intricacies of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). Specific eligibility rules determine which cloud resources qualify for MAP credits and which do not. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand and follow these rules to maximize your credits and manage your MAP resources with ease during migration.


2. Prioritize Proper Tagging
Successful cloud migration depends on thorough and correct tagging of MAP resources – a priority that is frequently overlooked. Tags form the basis for AWS to calculate credits under the MAP contract. If a MAP resource is not properly tagged, credits can be lost forever, as tagging is not retroactive. Use automated tagging whenever possible to identify all MAP-qualified resources immediately upon creation, making sure no MAP resource is left behind.


3. Track MAP Credits
A crucial aspect of achieving cost efficiency during migration is understanding how AWS credits are earned. AWS offers credits as incentives within MAP to support the migration journey. Carefully track and manage these credits to ensure you maximize the benefits provided by AWS. This proactive approach contributes significantly to cost efficiency throughout the migration process.


4. Address Untagged Resources
Untagged or improperly tagged resources are stumbling blocks in your migration journey, hindering effective resource management, tracking costs, and achieving MAP contract compliance. Develop a strategy to address untagged resources early on. Implement policies, conduct regular audits, and use automation tools for consistent tagging, setting the stage for effectively migrating to the cloud.


In cloud migration, knowledge is power. Include these four lessons – mastering MAP eligibility, prioritizing proper tagging, tracking credit accumulation, and addressing untagged resources – into your migration strategy. Navigate the complexities with ease and unlock the full potential of your cloud environment. Remember, preparation is the key to successful migration. Equip yourself with these lessons for a transformative and seamless cloud journey.

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