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Pricing Model

Every AWS environment is truly unique. Before we can present you with a firm quote, we need to complete an assessment of your environment. We will use the assessment data to properly scope our services. We will also use this data to calculate our initial estimate of your savings opportunity.

After completing our assessment process you will have a solid understanding of the potential savings before you commit to a contract. By utilizing our proprietary cost saving tools, techniques and other cost saving strategies we are generally able to reduce the total AWS spend by more than 50% during the first year.

Managed Services

We initially enter into 1-year managed service agreements with our customers. Our fully outsourced solution includes the following:

  • Dedicated team of cloud analysts who will work very closely with your team to design and execute your custom cost optimization strategy.
  • Full access to our managed service platform, including our complete library of proprietary cost optimization tools.
  • Continuous monitoring of your environment to identify additional savings opportunities.
  • Regular meetings with your team to review cost trends, anomalies and cost saving opportunities.
  • Full access to our advanced cost analytics platform, including customizable invoice templates.
  • Detailed review of your monthly AWS invoice, including a full variance reconciliation.

Assessment Process

The assessment process is quick, easy and completely free. One of our cloud analysts will work with you to securely connect your AWS environment with our assessment portal. The entire setup process generally takes less than 10 minutes.

During the assessment period we will collect some data about your AWS environment, including an inventory of the specific resources and services you are using as well as some operational data that helps us identify your specific cost savings opportunities. We will also collect and analyze your detailed billing records. At no time will we have access to your internal or customer data - we are simply reading environmental and billing data.

Our team will study your environment and analyze your billing data for about 7 days. We will then meet with you to review our findings, including a full break down of the cost savings opportunities we identified, the specific actions we would recommend and the potential annual savings. You can then decide how you want to move forward.

Free Assessment

No Risk • Real Cost Savings Estimate

Wondering if CloudSaver is a good fit for your organization? Take the guesswork out of it and sign up for a free assessment. Our team of cloud analysts will work with you to perform a free assessment of your AWS environment, including the specific cost saving opportunities they identified and the potential annual savings.