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Managed Services

We are the only authorized AWS partner who offers a fully outsourced cost optimization solution as a managed service. This enables you to outsource AWS cost optimization to the experts who live and breathe this stuff every day. Our services are completely customizable but generally include the following:

  • Dedicated team of cloud analysts who will work very closely with your team to design and execute your custom cost optimization strategy
  • Full access to our managed service platform, including our complete library of proprietary cost optimization tools
  • Continuous monitoring of your environment to identify additional savings opportunities
  • Regular meetings with your team to review cost trends, anomalies and cost saving opportunities
  • Full access to our advanced cost analytics platform, including customizable invoice templates
  • Detailed review of your monthly AWS invoice, including a full variance reconciliation

Outsource to the Experts

AWS's cost structure is extremely complex and confusing. Optimizing your environment is even more challenging as it requires specialized training and access to advanced tools and technologies. Most companies generally lack the available resources, time or expertise to effectively manage this function internally.

AWS cost optimization is all we do! We have an extensive library of proprietary cost optimization tools and an amazing team of specially trained Certified AWS Engineers and financial experts who are passionate about helping you optimize your environment.

We work closely with you to design a strategy and execution plan. Then, we do the heavy lifting and present you with specific actionable cost saving opportunities. You retain complete control and visibility over every change made to your environment.

Measuring Value

Our technology platform has extensive value capturing capabilities. We measure the impact of every cost optimization action deployed in your environment. We have a comprehensive set of dashboards and reporting options so you will always know exactly how much value we provide.

Our results speak for themselves. On average we are able to reduce our customer's total annual AWS spend by more than 50% and generate a first year cash return on investment of over 500%.

With results like this it is easy to understand why so many companies are choosing to outsource AWS cost optimization to CloudSaver.

Free Assessment

No Risk • Real Cost Savings Estimate

Wondering if CloudSaver is a good fit for your organization? Take the guesswork out of it and sign up for a free assessment. Our team of cloud analysts will work with you to perform a free assessment of your AWS environment, including the specific cost saving opportunities they identified and the potential annual savings.