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"Invoice Explorer is the most impressive cost visibility tool we have seen for the AWS platform. The depth of cost insight is incredible and we now know exactly what is driving our AWS cost changes each month. Brilliant!" - Brian L., CIO

Product Overview
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Product Overview

Are you frustrated with the lack of meaningful data and cost transparency behind AWS invoices? Are you tired of trying to figure out why your AWS costs keep rising each month? It's not your fault. You simply don't have access to the data you need to understand what is truly driving your costs.

Invoice Explorer is a stand-alone product that gives you full visibility and transparency into your AWS cost structure.

  • Create customizable drill-down invoice templates for deep insight into your AWS cost structure
  • Compare two invoices and see exactly what is driving the cost change
  • See how your AWS costs are trending over time
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Extensive cost and trend reporting

Customizable Invoice Templates

With Invoice Explorer you now have complete flexibility to organize and analyze your costs in a way that makes sense for YOUR business. It's simple. you just drag and drop fields to create an invoice template. Each template has full drill-down capabilities and can break down costs all the way to the resource level. You can even incorporate all your AWS tags into your template. This means you can now easily create invoices by department, project, or even resource owner. The possibilities are endless.

  • Quickly review costs from multiple angles (by department, project, resource, owner, etc.)
  • Easy drag-and-drop configuration
  • Incorporate AWS' tagging system
  • Drill-down access to resource level costing (EC2 instances, RDS instances, S3 buckets, etc.)
  • One-click export to PDF and Excel

Invoice Variance Analysis

Do you know why your AWS invoice increases every month? Invoice Explorer does all the heavy lifting and analyzes thousands of lines of detailed billing data to tell you EXACTLY why your bills change each month. No more guessing games. No more spreadsheets. No more mystery. Just clear answers based on data and facts.

  • Understand exactly why your AWS bill changes each month
  • Quickly identify resources with rapidly growing costs
  • Full invoice variance analysis and reconciliation
  • Use your invoice templates to analyze variances by department, project, or any other view you create
  • One-click export to PDF and Excel

Detailed Cost Trackers

Invoice Explorer does so much more than just analyze monthly invoice data. You can also see how your costs are trending over time, including the ability to select between daily, weekly, and monthly views. You can even apply filters to isolate and analyze specific costs such as compute costs, storage costs, or data charges.

  • Create custom views that can be added to your dashboard
  • Highly configurable editor enables you to track the specific costs that are important to your organization
  • Incorporate AWS tagging so you can track cost trends by department, project, resource owner, etc.
  • Quickly change between daily, weekly, or monthly views
  • Apply filters to isolate costs for specific services

Customizable Dashboards

Every organization is different, so you need a dashboard that can adapt to your environment. With Invoice Explorer, creating custom dashboards is easy. You can choose from our library of custom content tiles, or use our editor to create your own tile that tracks the specific costs that are important to you.

  • Create user-specific custom dashboards
  • Use our editor to quickly create dynamic content tiles for your dashboard
  • Full drag-and-drop dashboard creation
  • Drill-down support so you can quickly find out what is causing trend anomalies
  • Create multiple dashboard pages to organize your content tiles by topic

Real-Time Spending Alerts

No more surprises! Get notified as soon as your AWS costs spike up. You can also track cumulative spend and get notified as soon as you are approaching your limit for the period.

  • Select any combination of email, text, or website notifications
  • Determine who receives the notification
  • Set alerts that notify you as soon as costs spike
  • Set custom spending limits for the month, quarter, or year
  • Drill down to quickly identify what is driving the spikes in spending

Extensive Cost Reporting

AWS' billing practices are extremely complex and confusing. Getting meaningful information out of their billing console is also a huge challenge. Invoice Explorer analyzes thousands of lines of detailed billing data and does all the heavy lifting for you. The result is insightful reporting that gives you clear answers to your most important questions. Plus, if you need something special, we can always build a custom report for you.

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Most expensive resources
  • Fastest growing costs
  • Executive summary reporting
  • Custom reports available
Monthly AWS Spend Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription (one month free)
$0 to $10,000 $100 $1,100
$10,001 to $25,000 $250 $2,750
$25,001 to $50,000 $500 $5,500
$50,001 to $100,000 $1,000 $11,000
$100,001 to $200,000 $2,000 $22,000
$200,001 to $400,000 $4,000 $44,000
$400,001 to $800,000 $8,000 $88,000
> $800,000 $10,000 $110,000

Affordable Pricing

Invoice Explorer is affordable for everyone. We price our subscriptions based on your level of monthly AWS spend.

We offer both a monthly and annual subscription option. Annual subscriptions lock in your pricing for the entire year and provide you with one free month of access (12 months for the price of 11).

You can purchase Invoice Explorer directly from the AWS Marketplace. All subscriptions are billed and managed through the AWS marketplace and your subscription charges will automatically be included in your next AWS invoice.

Setup is quick and easy. We even have videos that walk you through the entire setup process. You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Product Overview
Full Product Demo